fredag 17 oktober 2008

Prabhupada Nectar

When Srutakirti was serving as Prabhupadas personal servant, he often felt embarrassed by the tremendous demonstrations of love which the devotees offered to Prabupada, whereas Srutakirti himself felt a lack of love. He thought that all these devotees were dancing and chanting, and here he was, walking beside Srila Prabhupada, but had no feeling, no real love. And this began to disturb his mind.

One day during massage, Srutakirti expressed it to Prabhupada.

"Srila Prabhupada, all these devotees have such love for you. It makes me feel so bad, I have none of this love. When I am with you, I can see everyone dancing and chanting and crying. But I have so much association, and yet I do not feel that this is there." He was hoping that Prabhupada would say something or do something, but Prabhupada said nothing. So his servant went on massaging and finished. Then Prabhupada went and bathed. After putting on his tilaka and chanting his Gayatri Prabhupada called Srutakirti into the room.

"So, do you like serving me?" said Prabhupada.

"Oh, yes, Prabhupada," said Srutakirti. "I like serving you very much."

"Then," said Prabhupada, "that is love. Everyone can do so many things... singing, dancing, jumping up and down. But you are actually doing something. Is not this love?"

"I guess so, Srila Prabhupada."

"So you just do your service," said Prabhupada. "That is all that is neccessary. That is what love means - to do service."

Prabhupada Nectar

torsdag 16 oktober 2008

Srila Prabhupada

His Indifference and Detachment

Prabhupada was never indifferent or uninterested in anything connected with the Krishna consciousness movement. If he sometimes would not respond to a disciples question, that was his gravity, instructing us by ignoring us.

He was indifferent to his own health. In his desire to spread Krishna consciousness, he did not rest as should have for someone his age. He continued traveling because he could not be indifferent to the fallen souls and to his disciples.

Prabhupada was detached from the bad names people used against Krishna consciousness i newspaper accounts, mostly because he saw the bright side of it, the fact that the newspapers were mentioning the name Krishna.

Although much money came in, Prabhupada was not concerned to keep any of it. He said his authors royalties for writing so many books was to take two chapatis a day.

He was certainly indifferent to womens charms. He saw his female disciples as daughters and granddaughters, and he respected their service to him. He was not interested in sitting with women or looking at them for enjoyment.

He was indifferent to any kind of invitations to take tours in different cities he visited. He preferred a simple room with a low desk, where he could speak to guests and be among devotees for the best furthering of Krishna consciousness.

He was indifferent to the fact that his first disciples very sinful before becoming devotees. He was indifferent to a place being holy or unholy, as long as he was able to preach.

He kept a simple diet and was not interested in special foods as the special cooking which the Italians could offer, or the French, or the Americans. Even within the Indian diet, which was his preference, he was not interested in fancy things, but in simple rice, dal, chapatis and sabji.

He was indifferent to clothes and would not sport any bright scarves or colourful chadars or special shoes or coats or hats. His simple sannyasi dress he kept constant. But he liked bright clothes for the Deities in the temples and opportunities to spend money to build wonderful buildings and new ways to spread Krishna consciousness, and he liked and appreciated the best quality in book printing and colour reproduction of paintings. In these things, Srila Prabhupada was a connoisseur, a keen appreciator of quality, and he asked his devotees to get the best deal and the best product for use in service to Krishna.

Prabhupada Nectar

måndag 13 oktober 2008

Srila Prabhupada

His Chanting
Like Prabhupadas preaching, his chanting was constant. While talking in his room with professors in Toronto, Prabhupada silently chanted the Hare Krisha mantra in between their academic words.
When Prabhupada encouraged his disciples to chant Hare Krishna while sitting with them during a prasadam feast, one of the devotees replied, "But Swamiji, how can we chant and eat at the same time?"
"Chant in between bites," said Srila Prabhupada.
We can hear Srila Prabhupadas japa on a recording: He chants quickly, and he said that sixteen rounds of japa could be done in one and a half to two hours. During an initiation lecture, he commented that it should take five or six minutes to chant a round, although he admitted that it might not be possible in the beginning.
When a devotee said that it was hard to chant and keep awake, Prabhupada replied that they should do like he does, as he walks in his room in the afternoon while chanting japa.
In the early morning, after completing his dictation of Srimad-Bhagavatam translations at maybe four or five A.M., Srila Prabhupada would sit back and chant japa. He did not chant very loudly, but from the other room one could sometimes hear, especially the words "Rama, Rama".
Then in the afternoon sometimes he would remark that he had a few extra rounds to chant, and he would move the counting beads. We took it that Prabhupadas statements about his own chanting of prescribed rounds was for our own benefit, but it was encouraging for our own regulative habit.
Often he would spontaneously utter the words "Hare Krishna", or he would state harer nama, harer nama, harer namaiva kevalam, with great feeling and expression.
When in the course of a lecture Prabhupada would say the words of the Hare Krishna mantra, the whole audience of devotees would repeat it word for word in unison with him. He did not ask them to do this, but it was a spontaneous response. The devotees could not resist the chance to chant along with him.
On airplanes he would often chant for long periods, silently or barely audibly moving his lips, and intently fingering the beads, sometimes shaking them within the bag. Or sometimes during morning walks, instead of talking, he would chant, and everyone would eagerly join with him.
Prabhupadas speaking about chanting was also another type of chanting. He recommended the chanting of Hare Krishna, and sometimes he would become surcharged with emotion, and his voice would rise in volume. "We are simply asking everyone, "Please chant Hare Krishna!
At times like that, when Srila Prabhupada put all his energy into the request that everyone should chant, we could understand that the Hare Krishna mantra was the summum bonum of life. Therefore often in a lecture he would state it loudly, "Please chant Hare Krishna!" And yet he would often follow this by saying that people were so unfortunate that they could not do this simple thing.
Srila Prabhupadas japa beads were brown tulasi. He asked that his saffron bead bag be changed and a clean one given to him regularly. He gave his servants the blissful service of changing his counter beads and transferring them to the new bag. He was certainly a master at chanting Hare Krishna, and Prabhupadas followers were always eager to take part with him in his pure, empowered activities of chanting Hare Krishna and distributing it to others.
Prabhupada Nectar, Volume 3

söndag 12 oktober 2008

Blandat bloggodis

Jag brukar förstås gärna läsa vad andra bloggar om Krishnamedvetande, och här är några godbitar som jag hittat på sistone:

På bloggen I huvudet på en Krishnahängiven hittade jag den här YouTube-länken. Jag hoppas att Bhaktin M ursäktar, men filmen är så rolig att jag bara måste lägga in den här också.

Bhaktin M har också skrivit ett intressant inlägg om avatarer:

Sadhus blog kan man läsa Skapelseberättelsen, med mycket fina bilder:

Jag tycker mycket om att läsa om stora gudshängivnas liv, så jag blev glad när jag hittade den här skildringen av Bhaktivinoda Thakura på OmniRasa Blogg: