söndag 28 juni 2009

Devotional Service

"I am happy to hear that you continued to chant despite so many doubts and skepticism. That is the process. Even there may be doubts and skepticism, but if one continues the chanting process, the doubts will all disappear, and real knowledge will be revealed by the grace of Krishna.

...we are deseased, and only if we take to this chanting process may we be cured. Maya may put so many doubts and worthless arguments into our minds, but if we continue the chanting, the curing process will go on, never mind the doubts, and gradually we will get a taste of that sweet nectar of Krishna nama-sankirtana. That is the process, and you may explain it to all your friends, so they may understand the nature of their doubts and skepticism and be benefited."

Srila Prabhupada, Letter of 22nd March 1968

"The more we struggle for advancing our Krishna consciousness movement, the more we become advanced on the path. Really, devotional service means that we have to employ our energies for the purpose of Krishna consciousness, and it does not matter what is the volume of such energy, because different persons have got different types of energies, but the best means is that one has to apply his energy as far as possible, that is the secret of success in Krishna consciousness. It does not mean that one has to acquire the energy of an elephant or one has to become very learned or intelligent man, simply one has to become sincere and employ whatever energy he has in his possession in the service of the Lord. That is the secret of success in Krishna consciousness."

Srila Prabhupada, Letter of August 24th 1968

"So far as your duty is concerned, you are doing your best. That is your spiritual qualification. The best qualification for a Vaishnava is to act sincerely, and to his best capacity, for the service of Krishna. Otherwise, Krishna is so great, and we are so small, there is no question of our giving any service to Krishna. But Krishna is so great, and He is so greatly merciful, that any small service we offer to Him in devotion and sincerity, He will accept. Krishna does not require anyone's help or service, but if we serve Him, even in a very small capacity, He will accept it. So that is our only hope. One who can show the whole cosmic manifestation within the hole of His mouth, what service can we render unto Him? So the best thing is to employ all of our talents and energies in His service. That will help us to progress."

Srila Prabhupada, Letter of 24th June 1969